In recent months, Officer Nick Perez and his full-time team at Miami PD have gotten a lot of attention for the funny, insightful and creative communication platform they’ve built online, most recently with their video response to the Miami Beach PD’s Running Man Challenge. The viral masterwork culminates with a breakdancing routine in the lobby of the police station that has made its rounds around the world.
Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick | May 18, 2018 | People

Q: How does it feel to have won the Running Man Challenge across the country? It was epic.
A: “I’m not sure if an official winner has been declared, but we will accept the trophy. The response from people all over the world has been overwhelming. It was unreal to see Gloria Estefan, Jermaine Dupri, Good Morning America and others share our video.”

Q: Where did you learn to breakdance like that?
A: “I’ve been a B-Boy since I was in diapers…my uncles were break dancers and taught me when I was little.”

Q: What’s the goal for establishing a connection between citizens and the MPD?
A: “Social Media provides us the opportunity to establish an open dialogue with our community. The goal is to create a partnership with our citizens by giving them access into our world. Our Miami Police VLOG shows viewers what we do every day. The reality is that we should be one team, we can’t do our jobs without their help and involvement. We want them to understand that our purpose is to serve and protect them.”

Q: What’s the most memorable comment you’ve received in regards to the department’s social media efforts?
A: “We’ve had a couple of comments saying “I didn’t like police officers before, but after seeing these vlogs, I’m changing my mind!” That’s exactly what we want to hear! I also like when they say I’m the ‘Casey Neistat’ of police work. That’s a huge compliment.”

Q: What’s next for the vlog and your social media channels? What can we look forward to?
A: “The vlog will continue to show our subscribers every aspect of the department and police work. We listen to our viewers and their suggestions for episode content so we have a long list right now of what they want to see. For our other social media platforms, we will continue to provide valuable content to our followers. We are currently working on a video series to educate parents on social media and how it can affect their kids.”

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