Issue – December 2023

Joy To The World

The holiday spirit was alive and well in Miami as festive events, private soirees and community cheer spread throughout the urban core and beyond.

Brilliant Dreams

From festive lights to popping champagne corks and curating the ultimate wishlist, the holiday season sparkles.

Female Empowerment 

The monumental 45-foot-tall, 32,000-pound kinetic sculpture R-Evolution will tower over Miami Art Week from Lincoln Road, glowing in the sun and illuminated by RGB LED lights.

Aqua Harmonia

Inspired by visionary artist Antuan Rodriguez’s Water Codes collection, this editorial invites you to immerse yourself in a world where the human body forms a profound connection with our most precious element. Through this fusion, we celebrate the essence of life itself.

Art Wow

From watercolors and sketches to out-of-this-world sculptures and societal statements, the South Florida artists we’ve gathered can be found in the collections of some of the world’s most discerning art aficionados.

Sharp Ideas

Knives come in many shapes and sizes for different tasks. The new knives from Colorado’s Spyderdco cover most scenarious — from versatile everyday pocketknife needs to wilderness adventure Survival.

Perfect Vision

Our skies, fields, yards and beaches are filled with amazing wildlife, but getting close enough to see it is a challenge, unless you use the Riton 5 Primal spotting scope and binoculars to get an up-close view.

Compact Sounds

The Privia PX-S7000HM digital grand piano is the perfect solution when an acoustic grand is impractical. It delivers the sound and feel of a concert grand in a fraction of the space.

Outstanding Performances

Big things are in the works at Actors’ Playhouse as they celebrate their 36th season and prepare for the milestone 75th Anniversary of the Miracle Theatre, starting this December.

Prominent Works

You may have already admired the work of Falopapas without even knowing it. Since arriving in Miami, he has created murals for restaurants, studios, and sports teams, as well as exhibitions in galleries and private projects throughout South Florida.

Dining Extravaganza

Create unforgettable culinary experiences inside Boulud Sud Miami’s iconic Wine Cave, indulge as you sip on unique wine selections while savoring curated plates inspired by YOU.

Rolex Lite

The phrase, “Just as good as a Rolex” used to describe wristwatches is never true, except in the instance of the Tudor Pelagos 39.

Design Insights

Paolo Boffi, Principal of the Miami headquarters and U.S. Brand Ambassador for Meridiani, shares insights about the brand and exciting interior design trends emerging in the U.S. and around the world


Arriving at Paws4You with her 4 pups from a St. Thomas rescue that Paws partners with, all of the pups Hillary arrived with were adopted, while everyone overlooked her.

Creative Awakening

In addition to the best local, national & international galleries, this year’s Design Miami will feature an integrated cabinet of curiosities-style Curio program, curated around creative concepts designed to provoke and inspire.

Hybrid  Classic

Toyota Introduced the Land Cruiser back in 1951, little knowing it would become an iconic vehicle. After a brief hiatus, it will be back in 2024 in hybrid form, better than ever.

Scrumptious Story

From dreaming up unique flavor combinations to overseeing the day-to-day operations of her business, Mariolga “Mo” Calderon’s role is all about bringing joy to people’s lives one delectable slice at a time.

Alluring Architecture

Located in two of Miami’s most exclusive private enclaves, Vita at Grove Isle and Onda Residences reflect CMC Group Founder Ugo Colombo’s commitment to timeless design and superior quality.

Perfect Strokes

Carl’s Place specializes in immersive golf simulators that transport players and their guests to the course. The feature-packed GCHawk Package helps build skills to the pro level, All while having a blast.

AI Leader

Half a decade ago, when the mention of Chat GPT would have elicited head scratching and quizzical expressions, Miami Herbert was laying the groundwork for students to fully capitalize on the AI explosion unfolding today.

Magnificent Occasions

Whether you’re hosting an elegant garden party or a glamorous soiree, Chrome Events understands that creating a luxurious one-of-a-kind space is the key to success for the most memorable celebrations

Culinary Celebration

This February, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival returns with more than 105 events, Food Network’s biggest stars, Grammy-winning musicians, top lifestyle personalities and more than 500+ chefs and wine and spirit producers.

Savory Delights

Executive Chef Ricardo Jarquin helms the lineup of Loews Coral Gables F&B concepts that celebrate the distinct flavors of Miami, the City of Coral Gables itself and Loews Hotels’ South Florida history.

Altruistic Efforts

From social awareness campaigns and donations to partnerships and collaBs, Panorama Tower is dedicated to giving back to the community and its residents.

Silent Running

The innovative New Sunreef is a no-compromises, extremely inviting luxury catamaran capable of ocean crossings, powered only by the sun’s rays.

Musical Union

The merger of the talents of two musical powerhouses, Miami Symphony Orchestra and the System of Youth & Children’s Orchestras of Venezuela, creates a unique harmony that resonates in hearts of all ages and backgrounds.

Visionary Melody

Before entering the Mindful Music Lab recording studio, artists are encouraged to engage in mindfulness practices: meditation and deep breathing exercises to calm their minds, connect with their inner selves, and tap into their creative flow.

Diverse Flair

Pinta Miami, now in its 17th edition, returns to The Hangar in Coconut Grove. Having hosted 51 exhibitors and representing 15 countries last year, The Hangar was a huge success.

Creative Realms

As we find ourselves in the midst of the arts season, it’s important to rememebr that art is a vibrant plunge into a kaleidoscope of creativity, offering an immersive experience that extends beyond the canvas.


Perfect Pairings

A few of Miami’s most successful Power Couples share love stories worthy of a Hollywood rom-com and secrets to a long-lasting relationship that stands the test of time.

Close Up

Miami’s see and be seen social pages