Magnificent Occasions

Whether you’re hosting an elegant garden party or a glamorous soiree, Chrome Events understands that creating a luxurious one-of-a-kind space is the key to success for the most memorable celebrations

The mission of Chrome Events is to bring dreams to life. For the last decade, they’ve been providing party planners with stunning high-end wedding rentals, custom fabrication, large-format printing and full-service design. From plush vintage-inspired lounge furniture to luxury bars and dreamy tablescapes, they are known for their extensive collection of pieces from top designers; all chosen to leave a lasting impression on guests. Although recognized for capturing Miami’s tropical deco style, their collection is diverse and constantly adapting to current trends. The process is straightforward and their team works closely with the host from the initial consultation and venue walkthrough all the way up to planning aesthetics, layout, and budget to create a highly detailed plan that leads to an outstanding event;