AI Leader

Half a decade ago, when the mention of Chat GPT would have elicited head scratching and quizzical expressions, Miami Herbert was laying the groundwork for students to fully capitalize on the AI explosion unfolding today.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | November 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

Artificial Intelligence beguiled the business world in 2023, starting with a first-quarter run that saw AI turbocharge stock prices as if with a magic wand. At the University of Miami Patti & Allan Herbert Business School, AI’s sudden ubiquity isn’t regarded as magical, or even particularly surprising; as Miami Herbert already had several cutting-edge, STEM-certified graduate programs on offer: a Master of Science in Business Analytics; a Master of Science in Accountancy; a Master of Science in Taxation; and a Master of Science in Finance. These programs, in tandem with the STEM-certified Master of Science in Sustainable Business and the full-time MBA program, offer a sterling return on investment to students seeking to benefit from the profitable union of machine learning and data analytics. “Even though we are growing our classes, we can’t grow them fast enough,” observes Professor Indraneel Chakraborty, Chair of the Finance Department. “The quality of the students involved is growing, too.” This makes it easier for Miami Herbert to enlist the aid of employer partners who come in and give free lectures about how their firms utilize AI and engage with the students to make sure they are aligned with industry expectations;