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Paolo Boffi, Principal of the Miami headquarters and U.S. Brand Ambassador for Meridiani, shares insights about the brand and exciting interior design trends emerging in the U.S. and around the world
Words // Jorge Arauz | Photos // c/o Meridiani | November 26, 2023 | Design & Real Estate

Q: Please share a brief history of Meridiani.

A: “Based in Brianza, in a small village halfway between Milan and Lake Como, Meridiani’s expertise and commitment to quality have been key factors in the creation of a 100% Made In Italy collection. After 30+ years of experience in the furniture sector in the production of upholstered items, Renato Crosti established Meridiani in 1996 thanks to a passionate idea of his wife Laura Ferraro Crosti and of the designer Andrea Parisio. After a few years of research, the brand was officially launched in 2000 at the Salone del Mobile trade show in Milan. Today, Meridiani is distributed in more than 40 countries around the world. Since 2016, Meridiani is part of IDB — Italian Design Brands — a diversified industrial group including various Italian furniture companies and promoting an innovative partnership model in the world of design.”

Q: What sets the Meridiani experience apart?

A: “Each home is different and unique: Interior design and furnishings should interpret the architecture and the personality of those living in the space. This idea has always been the philosophy of the company’s designer and art director and has shaped all of our designs, giving life to an elegant, timeless style that, instead of following rigid rules, is able to interpret different moods and express the unique personalities of our clients. The various collections introduced over these first 20 years show a consistency of vision and intriguing layers of influences and styles that interpret the past with an unmistakably contemporary vision. From sofas to dining tables, beds, small cabinets, coffee tables, marbles, metals, vintage mirrors, unique textiles and leathers, Meridiani’s versatile collections appeal to a well-traveled clientele who enjoys sophistication and handcrafted furnishings.” 

Q: Tell us about the most recent Meridiani collection introduced at Milan Design Week.

A: “Soft volumes and smooth curves play with pure straight lines, giving life to a private, intimate collection that suggests welcoming spaces and comfort. The collection is comprised of furnishings that can easily adapt to different interior projects and can be interpreted and personalized, thanks to a wide range of textiles, leathers and materials.”

Q: In what ways is Miami the perfect global city for the Meridiani flagship store?

A: “Miami, thanks to its geographical position, has always been a hub for Latin culture in the U.S. The city has grown significantly over the last 5 years, attracting more and more investors and homeowners from various parts of the U.S. and Europe. This has created a real international market, ideal for brands like Meridiani that already work with clients from all over the world.”

Q: What interior design trends most excite you for 2024?

A: “We have seen homes becoming more and more eclectic, mixing sculptural pieces with comfortable lounge areas, natural materials and organic forms. Subdued color palettes are often ignited by a strong deep hue, often in a glossy finish, or by beautiful stones. This trend of handcrafted, often one-of-a-kind statement pieces playing with works of art, unique objects and exquisite furnishings will still be an interesting one to watch, reinforcing the strong relationship between art and design.”

The Meridiani showroom in the Wynwood Arts District features two levels that establish a new ultimate design experience for professionals, interior decorators and brand lovers alike. Stop in Mon.-Fri. from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. or by appointment only on Saturday; 446 NW 28th St.; 305.573.3636;