Perfect Strokes

Carl’s Place specializes in immersive golf simulators that transport players and their guests to the course. The feature-packed GCHawk Package helps build skills to the pro level, All while having a blast.
Stacy Wynn | November 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

Powered by revolutionary state-of-the-art, object-sensing and image-capturing advanced technology, the new Carl’s Place Foresight Sports GCHawk provides players with precise data and valuable insights into their game. It starts with the spacious Pro Golf Enclosure that allows players to swing their clubs unhindered, just like on a real course. The robust construction and resilient fabric combine to protect surroundings; while golfers are engrossed in an immersive gaming experience provided by the to-the-floor C-Series screen, designed for minimal bounceback. Opt for either the Fiberbuilt 4’x10’ Player Preferred Series Studio Mat or the 6’x9’ Grass Series Studio Mat, both premium hitting surfaces that closely mimic the experience of a real fairway. The package offers a range of software choices, such as FSX Play, FSX 2020, FSX Pro Performance, and Foresight Fairgrounds, with lifelike graphics of 10 choice golf courses, as they are brought to vivid reality with stunning visual quality. As golf legend Ben Hogan said: “There are no shortcuts on the quest for perfection.”;