Visionary Melody

Before entering the Mindful Music Lab recording studio, artists are encouraged to engage in mindfulness practices: meditation and deep breathing exercises to calm their minds, connect with their inner selves, and tap into their creative flow.
Words by Zelda Grant | November 26, 2023 | People

The Mindful Music Lab is a female-founded, mindful recording studio and spiritual space for professionals in the music industry, sports and conscious community. The innovative space aims to revolutionize the way artists create and connect with themselves and their music by incorporating mindfulness practices into the recording process. Created by Author, Healer & Wellness Guru Brittany Berger, it transforms how music is being made by providing a hands-on and safe studio environment for women, men and children to create and collaborate, while healing one’s human side before their artistry. “Our purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, while creating a conscious community for individuals on their healing journey starting from within — all the while making high vibrational music.”;