Diverse Flair

Pinta Miami, now in its 17th edition, returns to The Hangar in Coconut Grove. Having hosted 51 exhibitors and representing 15 countries last year, The Hangar was a huge success.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | November 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

The Hangar, once the base of Pan American Airlines, is a venue with a strong historical character. Irene Gelfman, the new global curator of Pinta Art, is determined to accomplish Pinta’s commitment as the leading international platform, to energize and disseminate modern and contemporary art from Latin America. Pinta Miami creator Diego Costa Peuser, one of the leaders of the modern and contemporary Latin American art scene with 43 years of experience, has founded and co-founded several fairs specializing in Latin American art. Confirming the curatorship of this 17th edition is Gelfman, who also developed the Radar proposal; Giuliana Vidarte as the curator of Next; and Félix Suazo as the curator of Special Projects, conform the curatorship of this 17th edition. In addition to Pinta Miami, Costa Peuser has opened the Pinta Art Foundation in the U.S., with its primary objective being the education and expansion of Latin American art; Miami.Pinta.Art.