Issue – October 2018

A City Centered

Highlighting the latest men’s fashion in our city’s lifestyle & shopping hub, anything’s possible at Brickell City Centre, where your next great adventure is just around the corner and the sky is truly the limit at this one-stop-shop of metropolitan living.

Dapper Gent

The on-the-go modern man works as hard as he plays and lives as hard as he works — these smart, crisp looks can be taken from day to night, from a meeting to happy hour or a date night to remember.

Style Sizzle

Some of Miami’s best-dressed VIPs took over the 6th Floor Amenity Deck at Rise Residences in Brickell during the social affair of the season celebrating Brickell Magazine’s “Fashion Statements” cover launch presented by Brickell City Centre. Event partners included Mirto, 120% Lino & Catering by Azabu Miami Beach.

Dream Kitchens

Nobilia Kitchens Miami celebrated their Grand Opening with live music, cocktails, bites and exclusive tours of their breathtaking kitchens.

Style & Soul

Catalina Maya hosted a day of beauty and style in Key Biscayne with some of the apparel and wardrobe world’s finest names.

Dance On

TuCandela celebrated the grand opening of its newest location at Town & Country Mall in Kendall with music, food and dancing

Fine Design

Italian designer Marcelo Burlon celebrated the release of his Marcelo x MLB Capsule Collection at Saks 5th Avenue.

Building for the Future

Meyers Group celebrated the groundbreaking of Avery Dania Pointe, a 600-unit luxury apartment rental development set in Kimco Realty Corporation’s new 102-acre premier mixed-use development.

Giving Smiles

South Florida executives and VIPs came together for “A Night of Smiles,” a private charity event held at Smokey Bones to support Together Giving Smiles.

Biz Brief

Next time you show up to the meeting of a lifetime, make sure you enter the room ready to get down to business.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Power Plates

Much more than simply a meal with mentors and peers, the business lunch can still be the site of some of the most important managerial movements in entrepreneurial history

Socially Seasoned

A middle-of-the-road option between ornate dinner party and the classic Miami all-nighter, introducing cocktail parties into your social milieu can be a powerful springboard for professional and personal development. Below, we give you a few top tips for planning the perfect spirit-focused soiree.

Phantom Professionals

Inside a new trend that’s sweeping office spaces and companies around the nation — it’s called “ghosting” and, no, it’s not the friendly kind. In an age where attention spans are getting shorter and patience is an ancient notion, instant satisfaction and too many options to choose from means the hiring and firing process needs to evolve with the times.

Ode To Dad-Bod

Regardless of the type of body you were born with, or how much work you put into transforming your physique throughout the years, one thing will always hold true: The sexiest thing you can be is confident. Herewith: One writer shares how he learned to love his dad-bod.

Old-School Cool

A brotherhood based on the age-old values of honor, family and fair dealings, the Gentlemen’s Journal brings heritage, respect, integrity, leadership, compassion and understanding to the way Miami does business.

Gaucho Gastronomy

Steak Brasil was founded 5 years ago with the purpose of supplying Downtown Miami with a new alternative for delicious international fare. Today, they are one of the largest gastronomic centers in the region and are among the Top 10 restaurants as rated by their discerning clientele.

Dapper Gent

The on-the-go modern man works as hard as he plays and lives as hard as he works — these smart, crisp looks can be taken from day to night, from a meeting to happy hour or a date night to remember.

A City Centered

Highlighting the latest men’s fashion in our city’s lifestyle & shopping hub, anything’s possible at Brickell City Centre, where your next great adventure is just around the corner and the sky is truly the limit at this one-stop-shop of metropolitan living.

Leading The Way

In this world there are two types of leaders: Those who inspire with encouragement and those who try to rule with fear. Regardless of which type you’ve experienced throughout your life and career, you should stop and ask yourself a simple question: Which type of leader do YOU want to be?

Homegrown Hero

Prophet, activist, historian, expertly trained musician…discover the titanic history of how one Cuban kid from Miami became one of the world’s greatest reggae stars.

Stay Savvy

A game-changer in the field of female health, Miami-based entrepreneur Marilyn Days’ Luminous Pink self breast-examination tool is an essential (and elegant) aid to the fight against breast cancer.

Children First

Voices For Children works in collaboration with the Guardian Ad Litem Program (GAL) to improve the lives of children in foster care with a highly-effective multipronged approach.

Wet & Wild

Think the Maseratis and Rolls Royce’s occasionally darting across Brickell Avenue are rare? Think again. Below we delve into the history of a truly collectible automobile.

Tech Leaders

In a world revolving around phones and computers, there hasn’t been a more opportune time to develop software. Businesses and individuals alike have realized the best investments today involve technology. From solution dashboards to mobile apps and virtual reality, the options are endless. But not all tech is created equal.

Brickell Bow-Wow’s

As autumn settles over our city, what better way to participate in the (slightly) changing season than by strolling across our scenic climes with a new best friend? Below are 3 tender-hearted pooches selected from our area’s finest shelters and rescues.

Space Is The Place

Much more than a gallery, learn why Space Mountain Miami is the premiere grass-roots event space in town.

Secret Den

The new catchphrase of Miami VIP’s and visionaries is “Close The Deal At The Den” — and we’ve got the inside scoop on this top-secret space.

Secret Identity

Most people wouldn’t even look twice at a typical Mercedes Benz C Class coupe. They are the epitome of ho-hum normal, unless it bears an AMG badge, in which case it is a well-groomed beast.

Man Up

Ingeniously invoked just in time for what’s sure to be a socially ferocious season, the du jour trend we’re most dedicated to as swift autumn winds start cutting through our city’s serially slinky clothing selection is this beautifully bent approach to suiting.

Dress To Invest

Those trendy items that pop up in every wanna-be blog-goddesses must-have list are going to come and go, often with a significant amount of monthly income wasted in the process. Below we spotlight the 4 categories of investment pieces that are sure to always stay stylish.

Glam Gadget

The new $100,000 Diamond (and sapphire) Encrusted Doorbell from Ring is both an outward sign of unparalleled affluence and a state-of-the-art high-security device.

Taking Shape

A serially stylish menswear magnate with a decade of experience enhancing masculinity, Gary Wolf and Suitsupply Miami Brickell are on a mission to make our city’s men sizzle every bit as much as our haute sunshine.

Creative Dining

Eat More Art is the apt new slogan at Avant Gallery Brickell. After celebrating their 10th anniversary last year, the space added the intimate restaurant LaMuse Café to their Miami flagship at EPIC.

Energizing Brickell

Red Bull is going to be hooking up offices in Miami’s Brickell and Downtown area throughout the month of October to energize workers during their workday as part of their ongoing commitment to “Giving Wings” to people and ideas.

Smart Watchband

Montblanc is famous for their writing instruments that combine practicality with elegance. Their new TWIN Smart Strap does the same for timepieces.

Dine In Private

A private dining room can be an amazing alternative to a formal meeting room, boardroom or hosting a large party at home.They’re less pressured and allow the host to socialize without stress or distractions in a beautiful setting.

Raised Standards

Miami took the nickname the “Magic City” in the 1920s after a construction boom seemed to transform the region overnight. Nearly a century later, The Standard Spa reinvents the Miami experience once again.

Remastered Elegance

Just as classic movies and music recordings can be remastered to modern standards while retaining their essemce, Omega blends new technology with classic engineering to create a “new” watch, which is actually 100 years old.

Practical Luxury

There’s a term you don’t see too often, after all, most luxury items are more decadent than practical. There’s no such thing as a “practical” Fabergé Egg or bespoke suit, but we’ve discovered a rare exception in the automotive world.


Latino Visionaries 2021

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we introduce you to a few of Miami’s most dynamic Latino leaders who are breaking the mold and making the city thrive

Tax Whisperer

Tax attorney Suzanne DeWitt is a financial artist. She takes a canvas and paints a picture, which is the design principle of tax minimization. While she is well versed in the rules, she takes a practical, more entrepreneurial approach, passionately finding the best solution of what clients not only shouldn’t be doing, but also what they should, for each individual situation. She’s a deal maker, not a deal breaker.