Biz Brief

Next time you show up to the meeting of a lifetime, make sure you enter the room ready to get down to business.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | September 26, 2018 | Luxury

 The Gcase is the world’s smartest briefcase designed by Beau Reid for high-powered execs (or corporate ladder-climbing associates) wanting to make a statement about not just how seriously they take their work — but how much they appreciate the finer things in life. Inside this revolutionary titanium briefcase with a choice of color applied to the brushed aluminum and carbon fiber is a 6-inch HD screen to display everything from stock market updates to weather radars. Functionality also includes the ability to video-record seminars and meetings with a hi-def camera and integrated audio system. Presentations are a synch thanks to a built-in HD projector. Control it all from the convenience of your smartphone or laptop, including top-notch security and calendar updates; Also available in rolling travel and overhead compartment options;