Taking Shape

A serially stylish menswear magnate with a decade of experience enhancing masculinity, Gary Wolf and Suitsupply Miami Brickell are on a mission to make our city’s men sizzle every bit as much as our haute sunshine.

Easy-going and affable, Suitsupply Miami Brickell’s Gary Wolf is everything you’d hope someone intent on enhancing your look would be: Pleasant, pointedly unpretentious, Wolf is proof that not every fashion expert needs act like it. And while he thinks our city as a whole has an impressive range of classically appealing looks, there are a couple of tips he thinks every Miami male needs to know before strutting his stuff on our boardwalks and sandy shores. “The thing I love about menswear in Miami is it’s so different from the rest of the country,” he says. “We don’t have to play by the rules. Everyday we’re not at work, we’re on vacation, and we have the privilege of dressing like it. Having white and linen in your year-round wardrobe is a must, and it’s really unlined jackets, cotton/linen blends and chinos that define Miami style.” So what’s the top pet peeve Wolf sees pop up much too often in his day-to-day? “My biggest fashion cringe is ill-fitting clothes — it’s not always what you wear, sometimes it’s about how you wear it,” he says. “Investing a little into a tailor will take any good look to the next level. Always dress to impress, you never know who you’ll meet!”;