Remastered Elegance

Just as classic movies and music recordings can be remastered to modern standards while retaining their essemce, Omega blends new technology with classic engineering to create a “new” watch, which is actually 100 years old.
Text by Bill Lindsey | September 26, 2018 | Luxury

Omega introduced its first chronograph in 1913; the timepiece was as practical as it was beautiful with what we now consider old-fashioned numerals for the minutes, hours and the separate countdown dials. Fast-forward 100 years and Omega’s craftsmen discover a long-lost stash of components to create the Omega First Wrist Chronograph. In fact, there were just enough to build 18 “new” watches. Each timepiece was assembled by a team of master watchmakers laboring for hundreds of hours, and every Grand Feu enamel dial was refinished to achieve the perfect white, while original wheels, screws and springs were inspected, polished and hand-fitted. A new white gold case, crown and chronograph pusher ensure reliability. The result is a timepiece that looks as if it spent the past century stashed away in a safe deposit box yet features cutting-edge technology that rivals any contemporary timepiece. Each order is delivered in a handcrafted leather box secured by a vintage Omega-branded lock and key;