Secret Den

The new catchphrase of Miami VIP’s and visionaries is “Close The Deal At The Den” — and we’ve got the inside scoop on this top-secret space.

Inside the Michelin-starred concept, Azabu Miami Beach, is one of Miami’s best-kept secrets: The Den, an exclusive sushi speakeasy where the city’s elite such as CEO’s, businessmen, celebrities and athletes go to enjoy an intimate evening with colleagues, celebrate professional accomplishments, or “Close the Deal” while wining and dining associates. Reservations are call-in only, so don’t count on scoring a seat on a whim online. Further emphasizing on the intimacy of the space is a discrete entrance for those who wish to do business without worrying about wandering eyes. The overall ambience at The Den is based on the spirit of Omatenasi, the essence of Japanese hospitality, with an 16-seat counter helmed by Tokyo-trained chefs carving daily-imported catch from Japan’s famed markets. The menu exclusively offers an omakase feast with top-of-the-line delicacies such as coastal uni and wild fish. The Den encompasses a chef theater at its tastiest…and business deals at their best;