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Space Is The Place

Much more than a gallery, learn why Space Mountain Miami is the premiere grass-roots event space in town.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | September 26, 2018 | Culture & Art

Whether the jazz clubs of Paris frequented so ferociously by Hemingway or the grimy Bay Area apartments so necessary to the scene now known colloquially as The Beats, every art movement has inevitably tied itself to a geography. Everyone needs a home, and the avant-garde art scenes that are one of our nation’s treasures are certainly no different. So where, you may ask, is our own contribution, it’s haunt for the outsiders who, through bold personal exploration, can seek to answer just what it means to be human? Look no further than Little Haiti, specifically Space Mountain Miami, a gallery cum event space cum political debate platform that hosts anything and everything progressive and transgressive to man. Operated by patron saint of the Miami underground Alicia Apfel, and the host of some of Miami’s most rawkus concerts and installations, if you want to know what’s taking the art world by storm, look no further than this captivating corner of one of Miami’s hottest districts;