Smart Watchband

Montblanc is famous for their writing instruments that combine practicality with elegance. Their new TWIN Smart Strap does the same for timepieces.
Text by Bill Lindsey | September 26, 2018 | Luxury

When it comes to wristwatches, you are either a traditionalist in the Rolex, Piaget, IWC or Panerai camp, or a techie longing for the equivalent of an iMac on your wrist. Now you can have both; the Montblanc TWIN Smart Strap consists of a stylish leather strap to secure your classic chronograph, with a sleek smart watch that nestles against your inner wrist. Now you can discreetly track your steps, book flights, post duckface selfies on Instagram, manage finances, monitor calorie intake and do just about anything else you want on or off the clock. It also features the proprietary Montblanc Pay app, allowing you to pay for meals, groceries or anything else you may have lusted after while using it to surf the Web. The TWIN Smart Strap is slightly curved for comfort and crafted of stainless steel with a very dense, scratch-resistant glass face, which is a good idea considering it’s location on the inside of a wrist means it will be subjected to contact with desks, tables and keyboards;