Secret Identity

Most people wouldn’t even look twice at a typical Mercedes Benz C Class coupe. They are the epitome of ho-hum normal, unless it bears an AMG badge, in which case it is a well-groomed beast.
Text by Bill Lindsey | September 26, 2018 | Luxury

It was 150 years ago when Karl Benz cobbled together the first car — little did he know how he would change the world. Today the MB logo is associated with fine craftsmanship, making it the Official Car of the Financially Astute (while Lexus owners are universally recognized as being significantly more discerning than even haughty BMW owners). But what if you want burled wood and leather interiors and high-performance? Easy, get an AMG model Benz. No cop will even look twice at an AMG C63, making it perfect for speed-crazed CPAs. The twin turbo V8 cranks out 500 hp, propelling a trunk full of tax returns from zero to 60 in under 4 seconds, accompanied by a T-Rex-worthy growl from the tuned exhaust. Dad will be volunteering to take Biff & Buffy to dayschool so he can flick through the various driving modes from Comfort to Sport, Sport+ and then Race. The kids may look a bit dazed, but they’ll be grinning;