Issue – November 2020


Spend a day at Brickell City Centre with general manager of Suitsupply, Gary Wolf.

Brickell Mag X Brickell City Centre: Cesar

Cesar enjoys a day at Brickell City Centre.

November Cover

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Perfect Pairing

There are many cars that look fast, but in actuality are slower than a sloth. On the other hand, the AMG GT drives as good as it looks…and it looks amazing!

Autumn Adventures

As we prepared for whatever winter brings our way, Miamians took full advantage of everything the city has to offer this past season to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Season of Cheer

Palm tree fronds don’t drop or change color when it becomes South Florida sweater weather. In fact, we revel in the cooler tempts. Fortunately, there’s plenty to do both indoors and out this month.

Crystal Clear

Florida has more springs than any place else in the world, supporting entire ecosystems and connecting Floridians to 90% of their drinking water.

880 Harbor Drive

This gorgeous waterfront estate in Key Biscayne offers the ultimate level of luxury and perfection. The 3-story contemporary masterpiece has been meticulously designed with exquisite architecture providing both comfort and elegance with spectacular top-of-the-line finishes and breathtaking views of the harbor and bay.

The “Other” Spaces

Innovative storage solutions maximize a home’s hidden potential, making exceptional organization an integrated part of your daily life.

Savvy Soirees

Entertaining at home during a pandemic is definitely different — and in many ways better. Hosts are very cautious and respectful of the situation and having smaller gatherings of immediate family members.

Fashion Found

Bringing high-definition to fashion with style that’s meaningful and full of purpose, 8 of Miami’s finest fashionistas unite to show what style means to them. In partnership with Brickell City Centre.

Bountiful Blessings

The Selfless Love Foundation has a bold vision: More foster children matched with their forever family and a strong support system to assist these transitioning youth to become independent, healthy, educated, empowered young adults.

Trendy Workouts

Enjoy your workout and healthy lifestyle choices. You’re not only much more likely to keep up the momentum, but life’s too short to continue doing things you don’t like. Luckily, there are countless options available to experience.

Divine Clean

Dislike doing laundry? Tired of endless trips to the dry cleaner? “Hire” yourself a personal dry cleaner in the form of the clever Samsung Air Dresser. It’s the secret to looking consistently picture-perfect.

Bright Idea

Luminor, the substance that allows us to read our watches in the dark, was discovered 70 years ago. To celebrate, Panerai has drenched the timepiece that bears its name.

Elevated Education

Miami’s one-of-a-kind real estate market is helping lead the nation’s economic recovery. There’s no better place to master this high-growth industry than right here with Miami Herbert Business School’s Accelerated MBA in Real Estate.

New-Normal Hair

As our city shut down, with salons becoming inaccessible to people now cloistered indoors, many wondered how they could get that salon look at home. Hair By Hisham found the solution.

Human-Canine Bond

In a recent study, researchers trained dogs to lay in an MRI machine in order to study their brains and found that bonding with their owners is more important to dogs than it is to any other kind of pet. Proof that puppy love is real and two-way!

New Classic

Just like all Hylas sailboats before it, the new 57 combines sleek exterior lines with classic teak interiors. A closer look reveals how it maintains the traditional Hylas look while incorporating major improvements.

Supersonic Attitude

More than 50 years since the first Concorde flight, and 17 since its last journey, Boom rolls out the XB-1 with the intent to make supersonic flight the new standard.

Signature Touch

The first customer DBX destined for The Americas is turning heads at Aston Martin Residences in Miami, further complementing the residential development’s world-class ownership experience.

Shine On

Usually around this time of year, I’m up to my ears in invites for Art Week events, charity galas, holiday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Pedal Proud

The House of Solid Gold has created the world’s first 24K Gold Mountain Bike.


Power Perspective

We scoured The Magic City to bring you Outstanding Latino Visionaries who look toward their heritage as inspiration, honoring their culture through a strong work ethic, deeply rooted family values and career achievements that are sure to inspire generations to come.

Shimmer & Shine

With the social season in full swing, Miami VIPs took their RSVPs to the next level with special occasions galore.