Elevated Education

Miami’s one-of-a-kind real estate market is helping lead the nation’s economic recovery. There’s no better place to master this high-growth industry than right here with Miami Herbert Business School’s Accelerated MBA in Real Estate.

Location, location, location. That location is Miami, both for top real estate and educational opportunities. Whether you’re already working in real estate or finance, or are looking for a career change, the real-world, hands-on experiential learning offered by Miami Herbert’s Accelerated MBA in Real Estate prepares you for all aspects of commercial real estate. This “Class A” curriculum was created for those with an academic background in business. It allows students to progress through a comprehensive, sequential pattern of Real Estate and MBA courses, including investments, finance, market analysis, capital markets, development, law, new urbanism and ARGUS. The program is also about making the valuable contacts the University of Miami is known for. Students have access to a strong, involved network of industry leaders and notable alumni, including trips to meet with top real estate professionals and a Real Estate Advisory Board of prominent industry leaders to help students grow their personal networks. Students also get real-world commercial real estate experience with up to two paid internships, giving you the opportunity to stay active in the job market and continue to earn an income throughout the program. The annual Real Estate Impact Conference, which unites South Florida with national and international industry experts in one of the world’s most dynamic cities, is just another highlight of his multi-prong educational experience;