New-Normal Hair

As our city shut down, with salons becoming inaccessible to people now cloistered indoors, many wondered how they could get that salon look at home. Hair By Hisham found the solution.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | October 26, 2020 | Lifestyle

The Hair By Hisham line of products was born to ensure a beauty routine during quarantine. It’s made of natural ingredients and bottled in Florida for locally sourced haircare upkeep in the new normal. To achieve this goal, they formulated a shampoo and conditioner that would make blowdries easier and air-drying shinier. For Keratine Treatments, once the most sought-after salon service, they made a mask infused with Keratine for fighting frizz while social distancing. For blondes, their purple shampoo allowed restoring highlights to their brighter, cooler color in the safety of your home. “For me, feeling good will inevitably come when you look good,” says Hisham. “With the new trend of bringing the salon home with you, we seek to do our part in overcoming the trying hardships of living during a pandemic.”; Hair By Hisham is open for appointments;