Fashion Found

Bringing high-definition to fashion with style that’s meaningful and full of purpose, 8 of Miami’s finest fashionistas unite to show what style means to them. In partnership with Brickell City Centre.

Photography by Alê Bomeny
concept by Ana Claudia Negri
Beauty: Cesar Ferrette & Rogelio Gonzalez
Styling: Charlie Rincon 
Fashion Contributor: Rahman Khalil
Photo assistant: Ricardo Balduino
Videographer: Lucas Bomeny
Fashion assistants: Diego Silva & Denise Bzurovski
Location: Ampersand Studios 
*All looks found @ Brickell City Centre 

Azeez Bakare

“A combination of the visual and the emotional in unison, fashion has the power to evoke emotion and purpose through humanity.” 
— Azeez Bakare, CEO, Azeez Bakare Studios

Christa Dabkowski

“True style isn’t about trends — it’s inherent, discerning and decisive. It also doesn’t discriminate.”
— Christa Dabkowski, VP of Marketing, Swire Properties U.S.

Gary Wolf

“The confidence that an outfit can give someone is powerful! Fashion is not just something I like, it’s something I live by.”
— Gary Wolf, GM of Suitsupply Miami Brickell

Pily Montiel

“As an art form, fashion is a way to project creative work while serving as an outlet for artistry.”
— Pily Montiel, CEO, Pily Montiel Art Studio

Ria Michelle

“What I wear can elevate my entire day, it can act as armor against the world, it can be transformative…it’s really an endless form of expression and discovery with many avenues to explore.”
— Ria Michelle, Content Creator & Ecommerce Retailer,

Christopher Bancroft

“I consider fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression that allows me to experiment, evolve and hone my style journey!”
— Christopher Bancroft Mandly, Digital Smile Design Clinics

Jocelyn Gamez

“Fashion ties me to moments of my past and it’s a way for me to fully express myself, the way I’m feeling and how I want to feel.”
— Jocelyn Gamez, Partner, Iman Hasan Creative Agency

Cesar Ferrette

“Stylish people bring personality to their looK, and I don’t fear trying different things because i belIeve that fashion should be fun!”— Cesar Ferrette, Award-Winning Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist