Bountiful Blessings

The Selfless Love Foundation has a bold vision: More foster children matched with their forever family and a strong support system to assist these transitioning youth to become independent, healthy, educated, empowered young adults.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | October 26, 2020 | Lifestyle

Every child needs and deserves a forever family. “As a byproduct of adoption, I know firsthand how life-changing the gift of a family can be,” shares Ashley Brown, Founder & CEO of Selfless Love Foundation. Because the opportunities provided to her were a direct result of being given a second chance at life through adoption, she developed a deep desire to pay her blessing forward. During their engagement, Ashley and her future husband, Ed, decided to start their family by founding an organization that would allow others to have a family as well. In 2015, Selfless Love Foundation was born. On the adoption front, they put their efforts toward streamlining the adoption process. They are also strong advocates for current and former foster youth, calling for policy changes and improved self-sufficiency outcomes. Whether they are finding families for children in foster care or being an extension of family to kids that age out, they know one thing is certain: Family is everything;