Divine Clean

Dislike doing laundry? Tired of endless trips to the dry cleaner? “Hire” yourself a personal dry cleaner in the form of the clever Samsung Air Dresser. It’s the secret to looking consistently picture-perfect.

The Samsung Air Dresser may resemble just another organizational section in a haute custom closet, but put your garments on the special hangers, close the door and when you open it, they’re like new. Designed for the millennial market, the Air Dresser cleans and freshens clothing in 4 ways: airing, steaming, drying and purifying. Need a fast fix? The powerful steam and air flow quickly and easily relax light wrinkles, not only rejuvenating your wardrobe, but also bringing new life to bedding and soft toys. “Millennials have emerged as core consumers of our home appliances,” says Hyun-Suk Kim, CEO of Samsung Electronics, Consumer Electronics Division. “It was our duty to study their lifestyles and deliver experiences and values they seek.” On a scientific note: The Air Dresser employs technologies originally developed for other products. For example, Samsung uses steam technology from the brand’s washing machines, odor treatment from refrigerators, and filtration from air purifiers in the new garment appliance;