Charming Incognito

To become daring & bold with clothes is not an option, it is an inherent instinct that can be awakened in each and every one of us this season and beyond.

Fine ARTchitecture

Sculptural, geometric and voluminous silhouettes merge alongside the abstract elements of paintings, artist installations and special collections at PAMM.

Shhh Style

The new wardrobe boss in town wears studious glasses, rugged boots and packs a slight Venezuelan accent when she speaks. Her name is Simonett Pereira and her brainchild is Wynwood-based Style Mafia. It’s still under the radar, because that’s how she likes to run things.

Indulge Demeanor

Light fabrics and relaxed silhouettes combine for a quintessential wardrobe that embraces an effortless lifestyle.


One person’s rubbish (the Brits even make trash sound fancy) is another’s treasure — how apropos! Are you in the market for savvy fashion finds but panting and worried over staying within a budget? Why of course, this is Miami, where looking the part is as important as being it. That’s where consignment haven The Recycled Closet comes in.

Oh, Jackie

Whether you find yourself in cooler temperatures or the warmth of The Sunshine State, this winter fashion pays homage to the classic & chic flair of Jackie O, with a spotlight on her signature flowing shin-length skirts.

Enchanting Faith

Classic and modest silhouettes heightened with intricate embroideries, softness and structure combine for a story that recalls the romanticism of Renaissance times.

Strange Love

Dresses with poetry, body-con silhouettes, transparencies and bold lingerie combine to reveal the silence of passion and love.

Hard Candy

Colorful, bold & extravagant, these clothes and jewels will exhilarate the season’s mood.

C’est la Vie

The summer is just on the horizon in its full splendor, and these demure resort looks will help you embrace an elegant yet relaxed demeanor wherever you go

Urban bohÈme

A colorful wardrobe, denim and accessories combine to yield looks with bold character.


Capturing femme elegance through precious jewelry pieces.

The Eyes Have It

Protect those baby blue, jade green or chocolate brown peepers from the ravaging sun with shades that speak to aesthetic beauty and a social cause. Launched in San Francisco in 2012, Westward Leaning leads the way with purposeful protection.

Perfect Palette

A blast. A punch. A pop. Noooooo…we’re not referring to Onomatopoeia in a Lichtenstein painting, but to COLOR for the season — where amethyst rules and smoky gray hues reign. This gem color combination looks good on any skin tone and both sexes, so get ready to look regal and royal in South Florida.

Eclecticism at Different Heights

Elevate your look this season with colorful, intricate dresses and separates that are far from your normal everyday dress code.

Loving Louis

Designed by Japanese Architect Jun Aoki and Mirei Uchibe, it’s hard to miss the recently opened Louis Vuitton store in The Design District. The building itself is a work of art, but the treasures that await inside are oh so divine.

Style Stroll

Put on your most stylish walking shoes and get ready to shop. Whether you’re looking for the latest trends, fine jewelry, accessories, menswear and everything in between, all can be found in Downtown Coral Gables.

Valley of the Dolls

Clothes that connote the style transition between the ’60s and ’70s, including the daring mood of the girls who wear them.

Physical Crush

Beach-ready looks that exude confidence under the indulging rays of summer sunlight.

Body Shop

Architecture, color & detail integrate for extreme and graphic silhouettes.

Earthy Delights

Harvest the season’s bold and luxurious treasures from nature & earth.

The New Future Of Fashion

To some, fashion trends may seem frivolous, but what’s popular in fashion is a visual barometer of much bigger trends in society. Here’s what’s next, what’s hot and what you can expect to see in a wardrobe near you.

Haute Hues

It’s Friday night and you’re stand in front of your closet, towel wrapped around your chest, hand on your hip, gaze focused. Yet again, you have nothing to wear! Read on to find out the true meaning behind your most worn shades.

Touting Tote

More than a fashion statement, your bag is your most trusted sidekick for all your daily go-to needs. Read on to find out what it’s like to be the “chosen one” for the day. And, yes, we’ve let the bag do the talking.

Objectionable Fashion

Top lawyers from various firms around town confidentially share fashion faux pas from the courtroom to the negotiation table that will make you scream: “I object.”

Channeling Bond

While many action heroes and screen idols have come and gone in the past 50+ years, James Bond remains the ultimate “man’s man” — in large part due to the bespoke suit designed for Sean Connery by Anthony Sinclair.

Awaken Your Inner Wardrobe Warrior

Every season comes with a tricky trend that’s not suitable for all shapes and sizes, and that’s a-okay. Knowing when to pass on a trend will keep you looking your best without sacrificing confidence. Here are a few tips on looking fresh, even if it’s not in this season’s silhouette. 

Baby, I Got Groove

From sunrise to sunset, these enthralling retro looks will inject a dose of energy to your confidence and character.

Powerful Liaison

The key to great communication is your confidence, and these looks will definitely convey that at work and in life.

Head To Toe Fall

Foxy gals, listen up: Be stylish and chic this season with advice from Chelsea Paris’ Founder & Lead Designer, along with finding the apropos accessories that will make your ensemble standout from the skulk — get it? Foxes, skulk, ok, ok.

Exemplary Craftsmanship

The Design District is an inspired neighborhood and shopping destination dedicated to innovative fashion and art. One of the reasons for its cutting-edge reputation is the Felio Siby boutique.

Bold Living

A multi-colorful juxtaposition of elements adds up to memorable lifestyle moments.

Primal Leisure

Strength and beauty are defined by tailored and relaxed silhouettes that yield a contemporary lifestyle.

Tailored Approach

More than fabrics and stitches, a custom-fitted suit from Añel Sartoria pieces together the wearer’s personality and showcases a range of emotions for every creation.

The Artist is Present

The reality and fiction from Ziggy Stardust as a music character meets the style needs of today’s glam rock women.

Deliverance Mind

Freedom, mind and soul combine to yield a stylistic, expressive message for the ages.

Intricate Encounters

Clothes with texture, structure and graphics meet The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse for a fashion journey like none other.

Suitable Ease

Clothes with organic aspects combine for an aesthetically eye-catching lifestyle demeanor.

Away from Harbor

Clothes that assert the exhilarating leisure of traveling and living by way of enticing contemporary details.


The Go-Getters 2023

Located in one of the most diverse and dynamic business centers in the world, Miami Herbert Business School offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage and grow. The graduates are thought-leaders who transform business, scholarship and lives. To celebrate them, We partnered with the school to present our annual “Go-Getters” feature, honoring current students and recent grads, their successes, hopes and dreams.

It’s A Dog’s World

Inspired by the healing power of dogs, this editorial communicates the feelings that our beloved pets give us — a sense of calm, comfort, love, peace and joy. The custom-made pearls represent a human-dog connection that transcends space and time.