Deliverance Mind

Freedom, mind and soul combine to yield a stylistic, expressive message for the ages.

Intricate Encounters

Clothes with texture, structure and graphics meet The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse for a fashion journey like none other.

Suitable Ease

Clothes with organic aspects combine for an aesthetically eye-catching lifestyle demeanor.

Away from Harbor

Clothes that assert the exhilarating leisure of traveling and living by way of enticing contemporary details.

Uptown Downtown

Comfort is timeless and sartorial and yields essential menswear codes that will allow you to thrive for the right time and occasion.

Savage Attitude

Clothes with artisinal finishes and tribal graphic effects attain the season’s extreme and carefree style combinations.

Tenure of Sophistication

Chic, debonair, luscious textiles, colors and graphics contribute to the seasons’ best styles.

Fundamental Distinction

Meet the season’s tailored flares, athleisure details, deconstruction and other components that offer character to the new take on basics.

Graphic Intent

Stripes and gridded details find their way through a look based on straightforward silhouettes.

Ultimate Sophistication

A man’s tie is more than just a piece of attire. It’s an opportunity for him to make a statement about who he is.

Gala Glam

Wondering what to wear to your next charity gala? Let Rex Fabrics lead the way to your red carpet look in a custom-made, head-turning gown that will surely score you a spot on any “Best Dressed” list.

Hyper- Feminine Connotations

A strong focus on detail evokes maximalism to its chic limit, turning even the most masculine piece into an interesting, dainty desire.

Enduring Pieces

The season’s enticing architectural looks, alongside timeless furniture objects, combine to define a quintessential and striking living aesthetic.

Modern Man

“Business casual” allows employees to bring their own sense of easy sophistication to the office. The new Summer Collection for men from 120% Lino allows them to do it in a well-groomed, fashionable way.

Pasión de Ritmo Starring Samantha Galler & Jovani Furlan

A symphony of dancing rhythms strikingly brings to life the colorful boldness and intricate characteristics of clothes.

Maniac on the Go!

The 24-hour daily routine of Miami women requires a casual look that can take her from work to the gym…to the beach.

Picturesque Decadence

With strong attention to appliqués, embellishments and textures, the season is defined by mysterious, tender and romantic characters.

Perfectly Packaged

Parcels of stylish finds are making their way to mailboxes near you thanks to a few subscription services that will help you step out stylishly without having to hit the mall.

Budding Boutiques

Miami is not just a party destination with amazing beaches and beautiful people — we’ve turned into a fashion mecca with curated boutiques and a laissez fare disposition when it comes to style.

Dare To Wear?

From runways to street style, fashion flashbacks are making a comeback. Here are some we’ve been keeping an eye on but the question is: Is it whack? Or do we bring it back?

Real World Encounters

Step by step, experience everyday glamour situations on the casual streets of Miami and beyond.

Wardrobe Duality

Playing extreme contrast between ladylike and urban styles, get a look with chic aptitude that’s ready to hit the streets.

Feminine Philosophy

For times when the exhilaration of life wants more, the best response is to attain living with alluring style.

Look of Rigueur

A conversation of architectural silhouettes and structure incorporates a forte attitude to your Fall/Winter 2016 wardrobe.

Get Shirty

Shirt-makers Mirto are known across the world for delivering impressive hand-made shirts without any erroneous bells and whistles. This year, the Spanish icon of fashion celebrates its 60th Anniversary in style.

Timeless Dossier

Portraying some of the season’s richly elaborated pieces through decadent glamour.

Mixed Media

Graphic, three-dimensionality and texture combine to seize the perfect juxtaposition between fine art and clothing design.

Graphic Punch

Bold in color and illustrative in graphic and texture, make sure to welcome 2017 wearing these vivid looks that will add a dose of optimism to your mood and wardrobe.

Radical Core

A rigorous palette and a fresh mixture of tailored pieces combine to yield the season’s chic approach.

Allure on Board

Who said yachting dress code has to be limited and unvaried? Come sail away and enjoy the Miami sunlight with key looks that meet the city’s sophistication and character.

A Man’s Debonair Journal

Wondering what suits you best this season? Here’s a curated selection of refined jackets and suits that will have you looking sharp all season long.

Pollination Time

Spring is here, and with it comes a relaxed silhouette with color, pattern and texture to stimulate an exhilarating wardrobe mood.

Vintage Treasures

Out with the old is no longer the appropriate adage now that the New York luxury vintage retailer, What Goes Around Comes Around, has set up shop on the sun-caressed shores of SoBe. With stores also in Beverly Hills, this is exactly what local fashionistas and vintage hounds all over the city are having fits of delight over.

Bold Quality

Whether sleek in silhouette or bright in color, both values present the impact of style and living, integrated for this season and beyond.

All Pretty Little Things

Daring and lavish? She’s got it! Take a visual journey mixing of all the sparkling complements that add an extra touch of boldness to any look.

With The World On Her Shoulders

A ferocious flashback to the power-mad ‘80s, Demna Gvasalia’s shoulder-centered silhouettes screamed contempo from Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer ‘17 delivery, and provided an empowering trend to the business-minded Brickellite.

Inspired Shopping

Designed and made by female artisans right here at home and around the world from Guatemala and Honduras to Haiti and India, all Tribe Alive apparel, bags, jewelry, accessories and home goods are made by women for women.

Season Aligned

Whether optically graphic or savior faire and eclectic, Philippe Starck interiors at the new Brickell SLS Hotel integrate within our curated selection of Spring/Summer looks.

All or Nothing

Wondering if you’re losing or winning? The following style variations will command that a look with aptitude is the way to gain victory with style.


Cinematic Fashion Affair

Inspired by the allure of Hollywood’s Golden Age, this year’s Most Stylish finalists skillfully blend timeless elegance with a sophisticated, modern edge.

Empowered Living

Falling in love with Brickell can happen in an instant. Panorama Tower residents share how they’re living their best lives in this cosmopolitan meets tropical metropolis by the sea.