The Eyes Have It

Protect those baby blue, jade green or chocolate brown peepers from the ravaging sun with shades that speak to aesthetic beauty and a social cause. Launched in San Francisco in 2012, Westward Leaning leads the way with purposeful protection.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 27, 2018 | Fashion

Westward Leaning Founder Robert Denning’s premise for creating his line of sunglasses was social causes and progressive issues. The brand features a unique material on the frame’s temple, each in honor of a human achievement — from the bronze that brought us jazz in our Louisiana Purchase model to the spirit and legacy of democratic change in our Color Revolution model. What’s more, $10 from each pair sold goes to education initiatives specific to each achievement. For Spring/Summer, Denning focused on a shift toward brights, but in a more refined way with colored frames featuring subtle, sophisticated mirrored lenses;