Shhh Style

The new wardrobe boss in town wears studious glasses, rugged boots and packs a slight Venezuelan accent when she speaks. Her name is Simonett Pereira and her brainchild is Wynwood-based Style Mafia. It’s still under the radar, because that’s how she likes to run things.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 29, 2018 | Fashion

If you’re looking for affordable luxury, and you’d like to know where the local models, fashion bloggers and 305 hipsters have been getting their fashion fix from, it’s time you entered Style Mafia. It all started when Simonett Pereira began selling clothes via the fashion app Poshmark and then segued into creating her own line. From silhouettes that define midriffs, to meandering patterns, to tailored tops, there’s an array of cool to find. If you covet what you see on the runways, consider yourself innovative and understand that swagger is your best accessory, this is a brand for you. It’s chic and it’s affordable — capeesh?!;