Blog Inspiration

Have a case of the closet blahs? Nothing to wear, or nothing coming to mind except those same old outfits? Try Sazan Barzani’s blog on for size.
Text by Ilana Pregen | June 5, 2018 | Fashion

Sazan Barzani’s fashion blog takes you through her daily outfits and outings. She’s great at showing you wardrobe ideas you can really see yourself wearing. And for each outfit, she tells you exactly where you can buy all of the pieces — including jewelry, shoes and bags. If it’s an old piece no longer sold in stores or online that she’s showcasing, she tells you where you can buy something similar. Her ensembles are girly yet classic, and flirty but tasteful. Don’t miss her helpful how-to videos for hair and makeup ideas. What’s more, Barzani’s bubbly and enthusiastic persona pervades every post leaving you with, if nothing else, a more positive outlook to accompany your favorite new look;