Issue – January 2024

Multifaceted Approach

As a tax, legal and financial life coach, Suzanne DeWitt works with HNWI and multi-generational families, structuring their asset holdings while managing their tax exposure, fine tuning each unique situation with exquisite detail Every step of the way.

Wealth Management

Understanding the client’s needs and aspirations is the essential factor before attempting to recommend a financial strategy. Investment vehicles must satisfy the client’s goals.

Culinary Celebration

Fusao Enomoto’s engaging new book guides readers through preparing recipes ideal for foodies, inspired by his 60 years as a chef, which include 30 years of providing amazing dishes at Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant in Miami.

Meet & Greet

From Art Basel to holiday parties and social soirees galore, a series of networking events at the end of the year ensured 2024 got off to a great start.

Power Desk

Family-owned boutique contemporary furniture firm Parnian made worldwide headlines when they crafted The World’s Most Expensive Desk, a striking, modern custom creation with a $200,000 pricetag.

Rocks Star

Let natural ingredients be your guide as you kick off the New Year with this refreshing organic gin cocktail — best enjoyed on the rocks you can sip it inside, outside or under the strobe lights of a club nearest you.

Good Taste

When it comes to annual events in Miami, few compare to the impact of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

City Rising

Take a glimpse at what the Miami skyline may look like a decade from now as a wave of new projects illuminates the horizon. From residential hi-rises to commercial skyscrapers, ground-level retail and amenities galore, the Magic City of the future is more spectacular than most could ever image.

New Wheels

Ferrari just reinvented the category of compact SUVs, often referred to as grocery-getters, with their fire-breathing 6.5 Liter, 715-hp, V-12 powered Purosangue.

Aesthetic Arcade

Super Mario never looked as good as on the handmade Italian $15,750 TablesWin Rank Gaming Console. Designed to fit with the most modern décor, the arcade cabinet appears to float on its glass base.

Bright Ideas

Those who think all flashlights are Similar will be blasted by the performance of these eminently-practical powerhouses from Maglite for residential and automotive use.

Powerful Perspective

Liene Bosquê is interested in the relationship between place and people. She conceives her work from traces, shadows, impressions, imprints and reflections as a means to emphasize memory, context and history.

Always Ready

Swiss Army Knives are cool, very practical, and like a toolbox in your purse or pocket. Now they are even cooler in these special and limited-edition models.

Saddle Up

First introduced in 1965 as a mild-mannered “secretary’s car,” the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse is a fire-breathing performance machine.

Comfort Masterpiece

Certified by the American Chiropractic Association, The revolutionary MagniStretch mattress is a game-changer for those sidelined by persistent back and neck pain.

High Flyer

For more than 140 years, IWC Schaffhausen has been creating high-quality timepieces crafted by Swiss watchmakers in the firm’s facility powered by the nearby Rhine River. The Pilot’s Chronograph 41 continues the tradition in grand style.

Coastal Serenity

Designed to evoke a sense of comfort, escape and relaxation, The Baker Resort Collection and its newest collaboration with McGuire capture the essence of coastal living with naturalistic materials, indulgent textures and simple yet elegant forms.

Tide Ride

Widely-known and respected for land-based vehicles, Porsche has now joined forces with Frauscher Shipyard in Austria to create a sleek powerboat powered by electricity.

Residential Sophistication

Miami is growing rapidly, yet Aria Reserve stands out from the crowd. Upon completion in 2025, it will garner the title of tallest dual residential waterfront towers in the U.S.

Fore! Fashion

Imagined for professional golf players, golf lovers, and “I must have everything LV” fans, the Malle Golf Trunk perfectly combines the elegance of a historical “wardrobe” with modernity and playfulness.


A1-year-old, 68 lb. Mountain Dog, Austin was found as a stray.

Forward Looking

Imagine seeing the future. Architectural visualization firm ARX has been doing just that for the past 25 years; via imaginative renderings, animations, conceptual design, 360º experiences, interactives, films and VR for the luxury real estate market.

Waterfront Ease

With the goal of creating an even higher standard of luxury for waterfront living, Vita at Grove Isle and Onda Residences focus on functional elegance, a welcoming atmosphere and comfort.

Maximum Impact

Miami’s skyline is impressive. It’s beautiful. It’s bold. I remember a time when the most talked-about buildings on the horizon were the The Atlantis (the Miami Vice building) and Villa Regina (the rainbow building).

Global Perspective

As Miami’s ever-evolving skyline continues to attract residents and investors from around the world, the real estate industry continues to thrive thanks to the powerhouses on the ensuing pages who are helping promote and sell our sunny paradise all year long.


Perfect Pairings

A few of Miami’s most successful Power Couples share love stories worthy of a Hollywood rom-com and secrets to a long-lasting relationship that stands the test of time.

Close Up

Miami’s see and be seen social pages