Culinary Celebration

Fusao Enomoto’s engaging new book guides readers through preparing recipes ideal for foodies, inspired by his 60 years as a chef, which include 30 years of providing amazing dishes at Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant in Miami.
Words by Stacy Wynn | December 29, 2023 | People

When Chef Fusao Enomoto and his family traveled to sunny South Florida in 1991, they eventually establish Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant, after a distinguished and varied career that saw him enter the Tokiwa-ya company, supplier to the Imperial Household Agency (office to the Emperor and Empress and other Imperial Family), where he obtaining his cooking license in 1960. In 1965, he traveled to Caracas as the Japanese Embassy’s attaché; in 1971, he opened Kamon Restaurant, Venezuela’s first Japanese restaurant with many accolades; and in 1978, he opened Avila Tei Restaurant, a fine cuisine Japanese restaurant that is still open to this day. In Bucatar Mas O Menos: The Cuisine Of Fusao Enomoto, he shares the recipes that made his restaurant Miami’s hidden treasure for Japanese food. “I have created a photo book of some of my creative dishes and some of the Sushi Chef signboard menu,” he says. “The ingredients, quantities, and how to make recipes are brief. Furthermore, as is my style, I recommend you change the ones with loose guidelines and amounts to your liking.” The recipes are interspersed with delightful cooking anecdotes and entertaining and informative personal opinions;