Multifaceted Approach

As a tax, legal and financial life coach, Suzanne DeWitt works with HNWI and multi-generational families, structuring their asset holdings while managing their tax exposure, fine tuning each unique situation with exquisite detail Every step of the way.
Words // Anja Maltav | Photos // Edward Leal | December 30, 2023 | People

When it comes to her clients, Suzanne DeWitt takes a pioneering approach to what she calls “the practice of life.” A highly experienced tax attorney and wealth connoisseur, she specializes in crafting tax-efficient structures and complex legal matters such as global tax minimization and cross-border wealth planning and implementation. She then translates this technical advice into understandable (and surprisingly fascinating!) practical and workable terms, which gives her clients the opportunity to make their own fully informed decisions about their investments, income and expenses to build and preserve their wealth. “A single service line, such as international tax law, feels like an incomplete solution to the multiple layers involved with tax minimization, company finance and business continuity planning for HNWI, families and private businesses,” she says. “At any point in the year, the client should have a snapshot of their assets, their market value and a clear picture of their ownership vs. control, etc.”;