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2018 Miami Open Guide – FAQs

I want to purchase tickets to watch my favorite player play…when is he or she scheduled?
The Miami Open is a single-elimination tennis tournament. Due to this fact, the draw for each day will not be announced until the night before around 7 pm EST and will be posted online at Other options would include checking local news outlets such as The Miami Herald newspaper. Depending on when you place your order, Stadium Court tickets may or may not be available. If the Stadium Court is sold out, grounds passes will be made available. Please note that a grounds pass does not provide access to watch matches taking place inside Stadium Court.

Do you offer seats in the shade or out of the sun?
Because we are an outdoor event and have no roof on our Stadium Court, the sun will be a factor. The best option we can offer if sun is a factor is to provide you seats with the sun behind your back. These seats are located on the South Baseline (Gates F-G), Southwest Angle (Gates G-H), West Sideline (Gates H-A) and Northwest Angle (Gates A-B).

I would like to order tickets for today’s matches…how can I do that?
We do not accept phone orders for same day sales…Tickets may be purchased online until 8:00am for Day Sessions and until 4:00pm for Evening Sessions. Otherwise tickets can be purchased in person at the Front Gate Box Office the day of play.

I have tickets waiting for me at Will Call…where should I park to pick up the tickets?
You should park in your assigned parking area first and then proceed to Will Call (located at the Main Gate entrance). If your order includes a parking pass, you may park your car in the 15-minute parking area at Lot 6 (North Gate entrance) and proceed to Will Call to pick up your tickets/parking pass. You will then need to park your vehicle in the assigned parking lot (typically Crandon Park Lot 2 or 3). Vehicles left in the 15-minute parking area longer than the allotted time will be towed at the owner’s expense. The General Parking area is located directly across the street from the Miami Seaquarium and is $15 per vehicle. Once parked, you will then board a shuttle and be taken to the site.

I would like to come to the site and purchase advance tickets during the tournament…where can I do this?
All you have to do is proceed across the Rickenbacker Causeway and follow signs to Lot 6 (North Gate entrance), which is located before the Front Gate entrance. Once you find it, turn right into the complex and you will be directed by an attendant to the 15-minute on-site parking zone. Once you are parked, you will then proceed to the Front Gate Box Office where you can make your purchase.

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