Vigorous Fun

Playing ping-pong is not only a blast, it’s very good for you.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 22, 2023 | Lifestyle

Benefits include improving coordination and reflex, burning calories (more than you’d think!), toning your body, sharpening your brain, and teaching you new tricks that you can apply in other areas of your life. But let’s face is, most ping-pong tables are lacking when it comes to style. Enter the $84,000 Louis Vuitton Ping-Pong Table. Covered in leather, it has a playing surface bearing the Louis Vuitton Heritage stripes and initials, which can be personalized. Alongside its crafted leather net perforated to create a lace-effect Monogram pattern, it also features leather straps that perfectly hold 10 Louis Vuitton balls and two drawers containing four bespoke rackets. Available in professional or domestic sizes;