Raise The Steaks

Dream of pasture-fed Argentinian beef but can’t rustle up the necessary dough? El Churrasco brings the chargrilled taste of las estancias here to Brickell for the right price, at the perfect temperature and taste.
Text by Ryan Jarrell Photos courtesy of El Churrasco | May 15, 2018 | Lifestyle

There are dishes that are impossible to separate from their cultural context. Sushi will always be best in Japan; poutine always most delectable in the frigid climes of Quebec. Realistically, however, one’s travel budget contests one’s ability to sample the best of global cuisine. El Churrasco, recently opened at the Four Ambassadors Building in Brickell, truly provides the next best thing. Imported Argentinian beef, cooked on imported Argentinian charcoal, seasoned with a truly global array of herbs and spices, each dish is paired with signature Spanish wines and some of the finest Colombian coffee in the world. This restaurant provides a truly exquisite Pan-Hispanic experience unparalleled in The Magic City and beyond; 801 Brickell Bay Dr.;