Getting Crafty

Drop by The Commonwealth and feel like a local as you quench your thirst with an array of whiskeys, hard-to-find craft beers and hand-crafted cocktails served up by flavor artist Bradley Gorman and his crew of cocktail hawkers.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila Photos by Edward Leal | May 15, 2018 | People

The Commonwealth is the latest joint to open in South Beach and it has true locals and insiders thrilled with its laid-back vibe delivered with high-end sophistication. Behind the bar, Bradley Gorman pours blends of spirits and adrenaline for those who wander into his domain. “During dinner hours, guests enjoy a relaxed and socially open experience, and when the lights dim down for after-hours, the tempo picks up along with the energy,” says Gorman, who loves kiteboarding and riding motorcycles when he’s not slinging drinks behind the bar. His preferred drink? Strawberry Feelings, of course. “It’s like a Ducati motorcycle — it’s always been great but each new model is better than the last,” he says of the smooth and exciting take on a classic Old Fashioned. He recommends everyone try one: “The cocktail, not the Ducati,” he says.;

Strawberry Feelings 
4 dashes Angostura
Aromatic Bitters
3/8 oz Strawberry Balsamic Reduction
2 oz George Dickel No.8 Whiskey
Garnish w/ Strawberry