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Freedom Fighters

When singer Justin Taylor and one-man instrumental army Ryan Malina connected with Finnish producer Jaakko Manninen, they formed a musical militia hell-bent on conquering the creative soundspace.
Text by Rony Mo Photos courtesy of Jutty Ranx | May 29, 2018 | Culture & Art

Electro-pop protagonists Jutty Ranx invaded Europe on the strength of a 2012 EP featuring the single I See You which effectively captured 8 million views on YouTube and pierced the Top Ten Dance Charts in France & Italy. A year later, they released their self-titled album that included Weekend Vibe, which candidly discusses slipping into a comfortable rhythm with a new love interest. Last year, the band launched a barrage of music videos while simultaneously declaring war on generic radio fodder. Jutty Ranx’s sound embraces jagged electronica and strum-crazy indie rock, yet stays so soulful and melody-driven that you can’t help but whisper the lyrics as you tap your feet. See them perform live at SXSW;