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From Wynwood Walls, to the halls of a hospital, Artist Miguel Paredes shares his passion and talent with the community for a greater good.
Text by Francesca Cruz | January 17, 2018 | Culture & Art


Originally from New York but officially a Miamian, Artist Miguel Paredes considers himself an Urban Impressionist. Drawing inspiration from icons Warhol and Haring, Paredes combines colorful street graffiti, Japanese anime, landscape and Pop Art to tell his narrative. When he left his home state, he arrived in then-bourgeoning Miami Beach and took residence at Art Center South Florida, quickly becoming one of the center’s most in-demand artists. During one of his first showings, he sold every piece of art in his exhibit and officially broke into the Miami art scene. A few years later, after opening his own gallery and named the official artist of the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards, he continued breaking new ground with innovative art movements. Today, you can’t possibly walk through Wynwood (his home turf) without coming upon his art. He’s curated a genre and taken it around the world with exhibits in England, China and Korea. Yet with all his success, this artist is also about giving back, recently donating murals to Baptist Children’s Hospital;