What do you put in your new multi-million dollar Miami penthouse that will make even your most jaded neighbors gasp in awe?
Text by Jorge Arauz | February 6, 2018 | Lifestyle

A $2.4 million Tyrannosaurus Rex, of course. Theodora Expeditions’ specimen TE-036, nicknamed Roosevelt, is a genuine 12 ft. high, 38 ft. long composite skeleton recovered from three different dig sites across Montana and Wyoming. Though the individual fossils were found at different locations, all of the excavations took place in a similar mix of clay and mudstone, so the fossils found are very similar. Roosevelt boasts a natural brown patina finish and dates back 65.5 to 72 million years ago. He’s a 45% complete skeleton, with the rest being made of a high-quality composite material that mimics the missing bones. The purchase includes maps, documentation and notes from the excavations;