Underwater Fun

Cruise through the water like a dolphin or glide on the surface with ease at speeds up to 2.7mph with the Geneinno S2 water scooter. Powerful, yet compact enough to take anywhere.
Words by Zelda Grant | December 24, 2022 | Lifestyle

At just 19.6 inches, the Geneinno S2 Water Scooter is a world full of watery adventures in your hands. Carry it on its own or in a backpack or suitcase — it will always be ready for you when you need it. With a 22-pound thrust motor set and a 5.9-pound body, it powers you through the water like a fish. The battery capacity was crafted to be lower than the airline’s limit, easy to take on a plane but powerful enough to offer you 45 minutes of sea exploits at a depth of 98 ft. Got kids? The intuitive App turns it in into a swim instructor as the adults control the scooter on land via the app, while th little ones learn to swim in the pool. Also provides smart diving data for adults, including speed, depth, distance and battery life;