Travel Bonus

Getting away from it all isn’t an indulgence. When it comes to your health, it can be just as important as feeling healthy, exercising, sleeping regularly and eating right. Even just a weekend away can do wonders for your emotional, spiritual and mental health. Dr. Victoria Burns explains why.

1. Changed View: Whether you’re struggling with a problem at work, with your partner or you’re just unhappy with the way you’re living your life, getting away for a few days can help you see things more clearly.




2. Mental Rejuvenation: Going to a new place forces you to step outside of yourself and focus on something else. It’s a lot harder to be sad or upset about something when you are involved in a novel or different environment than you’re used to.




3. Networking Factor: Traveling can help you make connections with new people. These new connections can be important from a business or networking sense but can also increase your support system.




4. Creative Boost: When we stick to the same routine, we can become complacent. When our brains are used to working in the same way, thinking outside the box may not happen as easily. By stimulating our brains with new experiences, we can yield new and fresh ideas.




5. New Horizons: Traveling increases your exposure to culture and diversity. This kind of exposure can help you stay a bit more open-minded and help you deal better with all kinds of different people.




6. Get Reconnected: There’s something special about people who knew you during a different period of your life. Seeing them again can bring out parts of yourself that you may have forgotten, or point out new parts of you that you haven’t quite noticed before.




7. Bright Side: Travel can help you appreciate things and people you may take for granted. Whether it’s the beach, the sunny weather or that special person in your life, spending a few days away can remind you how important those things are in your life.




8. Good times: Vacationing is fun! And we know that pleasant experiences lead to positive moods and greater life satisfaction. You work hard. Don’t you deserve to enjoy your life?




Dr. Victoria Burns earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Miami where she now teaches. As a therapist, professor & researcher, she’s able to see the central and crucial role mental & emotional health plays in our daily lives.