The Art Of Sushi

At Ikura Sushi Lounge in Coral Gables, the love of sushi has been elevated to a culinary art thanks to a slew of creative dishes and sushi rolls on the menu that are as stunningly beautiful as they are delicious.
Text by Natasha Albornoz | June 6, 2018 | Lifestyle

In our modern melting-pot culture, fusion cuisine has become a staple in the industry. But finding a restaurant that still honors the traditional technique, while adding multicultural flair and still managing to serve up delectable and visually stunning eats, is no easy feat. In fact, it’s almost like finding a culinary unicorn! Yet at Ikura, they somehow do it all. When you spot offerings featuring wild walnut dust, or garam masala, or even passion fruit sauce, at a sushi place, your curiosity can’t help but be piqued. Then the blowtorch comes out! Yes, a blow torch. For for the Jalapeno Yaita Roll, at least. The crème brulée-style method gives a delicate smokiness to the jalapeno atop the roll. A Miami/Venezuelan/Cajun/European/Peruvian flair is evident throughout the menu, but the striking culinary art of Chef Chris and his team shines best with the Kanikama Crunch, the Green Apple and the Tom-Atu Heat; 143 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables; 305.814.5872;