Tech Support

Technology is our friend, but we all know that it can also be our foe. Here are some funny, embarrassing and probably all too familiar things that can go wrong with the stroke of a single key on a computer or phone near you.
Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick | May 16, 2018 | Lifestyle

It’s happened to all of us. You get a big group email and maybe it rubs you the wrong way. Someone says something annoying. Or throws you under the bus. You want to tell the sender how you really feel. You type out a novels-worth. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, you hit “Reply” but OOOPS…you actually hit “Reply All” and now all 50 people might see you a little differently. Lesson learned. Next time, make sure to pause and read what you’re sending and who is on the receiving end.

These days, most of us use our phone cameras as our main way of taking pictures. You pop that thing out and click! click! click! away. All 10,000 of your favorite memories are on that thing. Your mom (or worse) asks to see the pictures you and your Sig O took on your trip to Nassau (because mom isn’t on Facebook) and she swipes one too many times and gets to that picture of your better half in a compromising position. Lock up those naughty moments in a mom-safe zone — even if it’s not your mom you’re worried about knowing your business.

Your phone is buzzing non-stop. Texts are coming in from your 5 group texts and one from the love of your life. Your friends are telling you to blow off dinner with the in-laws so you can go to happy hour with them and you send “Yeah, I’m not really in the mood to adult with my mother-in-law” but it goes to your special someone instead. Time to dig your way out of that hole! Lesson to learn… don’t let the buzzing, beeping or incessant notification tings fog your texting trigger-fingers. It’s E123, in text speak.

“Um…I’m sorry, did you mean to write “duck?”…yeah, I didn’t think so. Spellcheck is a blessing and a curse. From “there/their” and “definitely/defiantly” to other colorful “words” in a variety of languages, spellcheck can make life easier until it gets it wrong. So whether it’s a simple text to your best friend to make dinner plans or if you’re typing out an entire executive presentation for an important meeting at work, make sure you READ what you type before you hit send…otherwise you might end up with a big ol’ WTF on the receiving end.