Robot Helpers

Like Rosie: The Housekeeping Robot from The Jetsons, these high-tech helpers are a space-age way to save yourself time and effort. Yes, brace yourself, the future has arrived.

Clean Up
Are dirty floors slowly becoming the bane of your existence? Luckily, there are a host of high-tech gadgets to do the work. The Mint Floor Cleaner uses microfiber cleaning cloths to sweep or mop the floor, easily navigating around walls, edges and furniture. There’s also The Neato XV-21, a powerful self-driving vacuum cleaner, for covering those carpeted rooms. And finally, the iRobot Scooba fits into even the tightest corners, and kills 97% of germs that cross its path.

Close Watch
Wouldn’t you love to have your own personal security guard, watching over your home at night or while you’re away? Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to hire a human to do the job. The Jazz Security Robo from Gostai has all the vigilance without the doughnut breaks. It patrols, shoots video, sends text or email alerts and detects movement or potential intruders using a wide-angle, night-vision capable camera. Set it up to start working anytime you like.

Green View
We all love the look of a well-trimmed lawn and perfectly manicured foliage, but who enjoys sweating under the hot sun to make it happen? We suppose you could hire a landscaping service, but how much cooler is it to use your own lawn-mowing robot instead? The Automower is made by tool powerhouses Husqvarna, and can handle even tough-terrain lawns of up to 3/4 an acre in size. It even includes a built-in anti-theft alarm, in case your neighbors get jealous.

Great Outdoors
Keeping your property looking its best is usually a pain and lots of hard work. Why not let your own small robot army take care of it for you? The iRobot Verro 550 Power Scrub will happily resolve that grungy pool problem. This handy bot not only scrubs both pool floors and walls, it also circulates 70 gallons of water per minute, keeping things debris-free and clear. Meanwhile, your Looj 155 Gutter Cleaning Robot can take care of the exotic lifeforms growing on your roofline.