An artful (and advertorial) solution to that most vexing of modern day maladies, Chargello and its founders have found fertile new ground for advertising.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | January 19, 2018 | Luxury

When Freddi Sidi found himself carrying around extra phone chargers, buying backup batteries and sitting next to wall outlets to charge his phone everywhere he went, he dreamed up an opportunity to make a difference. Together with business partner Johnny Bosche, he launched Chargello, a technically tantalizing portable battery that charges phones up to three times faster than industry standard chargers. The stations also take advantage of an untapped area ripe for advertising space that any company’s potential user base is sure to see. Now in its 2nd year in operation, with a portfolio that includes such market titans as Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and Heineken in an impressive 22 countries, cell phones all over the world are regaining their charge like never before;