Modern Academics

There’s nothing more valuable than education, which is why AUA Elementary by Aguamarina strives to make students fall in love with learning.

Encouraging children’s inner curiosity by creating magical educational experiences that will last a lifetime, the programs at AUA Elementary by Aguamarina seek to stimulate the holistic development of children in a loving, happy, healthy and safe environment. Students learn through daily creative experiences under academic guidelines, and are exposed to diverse challenges to which they can apply creative and innovating ideas and develop socio-emotional and intellectual skills. This results in a perfect balance of academic excellence and real experiences where youth can apply research, design, production, branding, quality control and customer service skills into projects and activities they develop. Additionally, students work together with teachers and staff to operate some areas of the school, such as the uniform store, being in charge of the distribution and inventory and the coffee shop — all activities that become their first entrepreneurship experiences in life. It’s education and innovation at its finest — it’s the Aguamarina way;