Lovely Traveler

Convenience doesn’t have to mean sacrificing beauty, as is aptly shown by the beautiful travel spray editions of the fine fragrances from Kilian. The travel sprays come in a gorgeous pewter case embossed with Achilles’ shield pattern, and are refillable, which means waste is minimized. Killian’s fragrances are unique and sumptuous, from the jasmine-rose spiked “Love” to lavender and absinthe-drenched “Cruel Intentions” and the spicy, rum-sweet scent of “Straight to Heaven”;

Nifty Compass
We’ll all agree: GPS is great. You know what’s even better? Knowing where you’re going, and whether you’re about to get a speeding ticket. Thanks, Escort, for your Passport IQ, a handy little station which combines GPS functions with Escort’s top-of-the-line radar detector. It’ll also tip you off when speed cameras come into the vicinity — all for a price lower than your lawyer’s fees; $695;

Possible Relief
It’s almost every day at our office that we receive a telephone call asking: “Do loan modifications really work?” In short, a loan modification is where the lender or bank reviews a distressed homeowner’s financials and makes a determination whether or not that person may qualify for assistance. Banks vary in their criteria but most lenders require two months’ bank statements, the latest year’s tax returns, a letter detailing why the homeowner is facing a hardship, and the last two pay stubs. Be cautious when responding to ads that promise principal reduction negotiation. Banks rarely just forgive or reduce principal without the homeowner having material issues that would give rise to the lender forgiving some of the principal. Most often banks will extend the term of the loan, forgive past due late fees, and drastically lower the interest rate. Our office has found great success when answering client’s foreclosures and petitioning the court for a mediation hearing at the Collins Center. The Collins Center mediates the foreclosure and allows both the homeowner and the lender to speak directly. This often solidifies a modification that same day. If you have questions concerning the above topic, consult with an attorney who has experience in that field. We offer free consultations and appointments can be scheduled 7 days a week.

The team at The Law Office of Adorno, Damas, & Associates P.L. is always available for more information on this topic as well as several other areas of law. To schedule a free consultation, call 305.381.9999.

Legal Wrangles
Think of the law books kind of like your closet — neither one has probably been cleaned out in a long time, which means that there’s probably some really weird stuff in there. Here are some of our strangest law finds.

Lip Crime
Don’t get too distracted by a session of lip-locking: In Iowa, kisses are legally required to be less than 5 minutes long. And if you’ve got a mustache, forget about it — you’re not allowed to kiss a woman in public, period.




Bear Nap
In Alaska, it is illegal to wake a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking its photograph, though we doubt any photographer who tried would last long enough to make it to court. At least very few people are likely to break this law!




Multitask Drive
We’ve all heard horrible stereotypes about lady drivers. So, apparently, had lawmakers in Memphis, who used to require all women at the wheel to be accompanied by a man walking in front of their vehicle…waving red flags!