Long Hand

Did you know that writing by hand stimulates your brain? That’s just one of several reasons why creatives should start working with pen and paper.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | April 28, 2019 | Luxury

Writing by hand slows you down — in a good way. It produces more creative ideas and enhances learning. It makes you think things through as a pen doesn’t have a DELETE button. Writing with a fountain pen with a high quality nib enhances the process. Plus it’s just plain fun. The new Pelikan Herzstück 1928 can be roughly translated as centerpiece, core, heart or linchpin; an essential part of the creative process whether you’re writing the great American novel longhand as Mark Twain did, giving birth to a new song or writing out bulletpoints for your new business venture. The pen also marks the 90th Anniversary of Günther Wagner’s introduction of the first writing instrument based on the differential piston-filling mechanism. It was as high-tech in its day as VR is today;