Life-Changing Words

In The Self-Guided Guru: Lessons For Everyday Humans, readers are invited into a world of people living to their fullest potential, reaching their greatest fulfillment and having a positive impact on each soul they encounter along the way.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | September 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

Much of the world aches. We think it’s just us. It’s more common than not. No matter the background, there is some level of pain and unease in most of us. In The Self-Guided Guru: Lessons For Everyday Humans, author Violette de Ayala probes into what makes people move forward and teaches readers how to utilize their (often painful) past to gain their deepest strength. How are some humans able to look within and discover their purpose? What makes some people walk confidently into their greatness? What makes someone look within and embrace the need to evolve? This insightful, uplifting book shows how each of us makes life-changing decisions every day, that each moment has the power to shift our world in a grand way, that every minute has the potential to be beautiful magic. “The messier the self-discovery, the more profound the results,” says the author. “Let’s start!”;