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Landmark Achievement

Through PARAMOUNT Ventures and as the CEO of Royal Palm Companies, Daniel Kodsi has been at the forefront of shaping South Florida’s skylines for more than 27 years, developing a diversified portfolio of mixed-use, multi-family, condominium and planned single-family developments.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | September 30, 2019 | Design & Real Estate

From Paramount Bay in Miami’s Edgewater to Esplanade Grande in West Palm Beach, and most recently PARAMOUNT Fort Lauderdale Beach and PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter in Downtown Miami, Daniel Kodsi and his talented team have successfully delivered impactful buildings that will continue to enhance and define South Florida, defining new neighborhoods and changing city landscapes across the tri-county area. “I grew up in the real estate business, so it was a natural fit and certainly gave me a great perspective of all facets of the industry,” he says. “At the University of Miami, I majored in Real Estate Finance with a concentration in Urban Planning. That’s where my passion for development began. Working from a young age instilled a strong work ethic early on and ignited my drive to achieve my own legacy as a developer.” PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter is a true passion project for him, a literal labor of love. “It is unlike any other project I’ve worked on previously,” he says. “My partners and I set out to create a truly one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-generation urban landmark and seeing this project come to fruition is a crowning achievement.”;