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Icon Reborn

Recently undergoing the first makeover in its history, the renowned Continuum oceanfront residences in Miami Beach is known as the original high-rise pioneer in contemporary luxury living.
Words by Yoshi Sanz | December 24, 2022 | Design & Real Estate

For more than two decades, the iconic Continuum on South Beach beachfront residences has been the premier choice of seasonal homes for snowbirds flocking from all corners of the world. Internationally acclaimed as one of South Florida’s most exclusive properties, it’s perfectly manicured lawns and white-glove 5-star service has made it one of today’s most revered oceanfront communities modeled on world-class luxury residential hospitality by CEOs and celebrities alike. The Continuum on South Beach Master Association commissioned the award-winning landscape architectural design firm ArquitectonicaGEO to create an outdoor concept that transforms and modernizes the pedestrian and vehicle entrance with the adjoining grounds of the property. The firm’s creative designers, specializing in resilient and beautiful landscape architecture, together with sister companies ArquitectonicaInteriors and ArquitectonicaStudio, implemented a vision that infuses a more lavish and tropical design aesthetic for the entryway and arrival areas, with improved livability and new building materials that rejuvenate the entire architectural scheme of the luxury landmark;