Food Fascination

Executive Chef Michael Hernandez started his journey in high school through his culinary operations class, where he had his first opportunity to cook and discover his true calling.
Words by Stacy Wynn | January 25, 2023 | Lifestyle

“I started working as a waiter, and as much as I enjoyed providing exceptional service and being front of house, I quickly realized my true calling was to be cooking the food!”

At Boulud Sud Miami, Executive Chef Michael Hernandez puts his knowledge, passion and creativity into each of his plates for guests to experience, creating unique memories through flavors, textures, balance and presentation. “Even if my work is behind-the-scenes in the kitchen, I truly enjoy touching tables and getting to personally meet the guests since hospitality is the key ingredient to an unforgettable experience,” he says. “I constantly get inspired by chefs that create whimsical dishes and deconstructed masterpieces.” He recently got to meet two chefs who inspired his career and who he deeply admires, Chef Daniel Boulud and Chef Massimo Bottura. Chef Michael is a nominee for the James Beard Award for 2023 Outstanding Chef. He’s also a huge fan of Frank Sinatra and abstract art, and he has a hidden talent — he plays the alto saxophone. One day he hopes to open an intimate restaurant that focuses on farm-to-table service, and create dishes that showcase ingredients with reinvented classical pairings. A native Miamian, he was born and raised in Hialeah. He left his hometown in 2017 to work for some of the best restaurant in the U.S. “I came back home to bring all that I’ve learned and make a name for myself as the Executive Chef of Boulud Sud at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami,” he says. “My goal is to make Boulud Sud one of the best restaurants in Miami and achieve a Michelin star!”;